A new space for biobank, OncoAge and the MSc Biobanks Complex Data Management

We are very happy to announce that OncoAge has a new office in Pasteur Hospital 1. The inauguration is planned for May 2019.

The new building includes :

  • 2 meeting rooms , full equipped with Visio conference system and video projector
  • a waiting room in the entrance, with sofa…

This place is located in Nice (South of France), in Hôpital Pasteur 1, Pavillon I. (see the map for location)

This collaborative and pedagogical office will be dedicated to OncoAge teams, and the biobanks team for their meetings and events.

It also will be use for the MSc Biobanks and Complex Data Management during their courses time.

22 – 23 March 2019 : Medical congres on E-Health & Innovation to overcome barriers in Neuromuscular diseases

Join us in March 22 – 23, 2019, in the beautiful city of Nice, France for the e-NMD 2019, the first European event dedicated to e-Health and innovation to overcome barriers in Neuromuscular Diseases. This event has been powered by Nice University Hospital together with AFM Téléthon and European Reference Network for Neuromuscular Diseases. This first annual European e-NMD 2019 meeting is the largest congregation of European e-health professionals involved in neuromuscular diseases, offering proactive top-quality learning and an opportunity to network with organizations and people that value quality health information as well as effective integrated system and innovative solutions in order to improve diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with neuromuscular diseases and help their caregivers in sustaining the burden of these diseases.
Don’t wait to subscribe, we look forward to seeing you there! Informations and registration : //events.ciusante.org/eNMD2019#/?lang=en

5 – 8 October 2018 : The 3rd International Conference on Aging and Disease

The purpose of the conference is to create a forum for basic researchers and physicians to discuss current challenges in aging and aging-related disease. The 3rd International Conference on Aging and Disease (2018 ICAD) of the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD) will be held at Le Saint Paul Hôtel, Nice, France, on October 5-7, 2018. The conference is organized by the International Society on Aging and Disease, and the Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging, Nice (IRCAN), France, and co-organized by Xuan Wu Hospital, Capital Medical University, and the first affiliated Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, China, and the Institute for Healthy Aging, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and sponsored by Qingdao Co-orient Watson Biotechnology Group Co. Ltd. Informations and registration : //www.isoad.org/Data/List/Conference

17 Oct 2017 – Mini workshop WP Head and Neck Diseases :

Mini Workshop Program

Mini Workshop

WP2: Head and Neck Diseases

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

8h30 Welcome 8h45-9h Paul Hofman, Joël Guigay & Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling: Introduction/objectives
and WP research landscape.
Session I. Thyroid diseases and Epigenetics
Chairpersons: José Santini and Jean-Louis Sadoul
9h00-9h30 Sylvie Chevillard, Fontenay-aux-Roses: Molecular signature of thyroid cancers induced by ionizing radiation. 9h30-10h00 Colette Zwarthoed, Nice: Regulation of thyroid function to be integrated during iodine 131 radiotherapy 10h-10h30 Zdenko Herceg, Lyon: Epigenetic Mechanisms in ENT cancers 10h30 – 11h Coffee break
Session II. Clinical studies dedicated to elderly patients
Chairpersons: Olivier Guerin and Rabia Boulahssass 11h-11h30 Joël Guigay, Nice: Ongoing ELAN trials and perspectives 11h30-12h Cécile Mertens, Bordeaux: First results of ELAN ONCOVAL trials and future projects 11h30-12h Rabia Boulahssass, Nice: PACA EST cohort studies 12h30 – 13h45 Lunch
Session III. Immunotherapy in head and neck cancer: mechanistic
and clinical perspectives
Chairpersons: Frédéric Peyrade and Véronique Braud
14h-14h30 Esma Saada, Nice: Open and Upcoming Clinical Trials in head and neck cancer 14h30-15h Pierre Saintigny, Lyon: Genomic and microenvironment driven personalized
medicine in patients with recurrent/metastatic HNSCC 15h-15h30 Fabienne Anjuère, Valbonne: Immune regulation in the tumor
microenvironment: Lessons from an immune competent murine model of squamous cell carcinoma
15h30 – 16h Coffee break
Session IV. Perspective studies in Head and Neck Cancer
Chairpersons: Jérôme Doyen & Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling 15h45h-16h15 Karen Benezery, Nice: Role of Proton Therapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma 16h15h-16h45 Alexandre Bozec, Nice: Functional outcomes and quality of life after head and neck cancer surgery 16h45h-17h00 Charles Raffaelli, Nice: « Pôle Imagerie, Département d’Ultrasons »