Teaching and Training activities

Conscious that high-level education and training programmes will attract high-level profiles, innovators and researchers from public and private sectors, FHU ONCOAGE will develop besides high-level researches and projects, a comprehensive educational programme thanks to its large partnership.

The Education and Training programmes will address different targets and categories:

  • Academic programmes (with diplomas): around physicians and nurses training but as well in number of other disciplines (Master and Doctorate)
  • Professional training and diplomas: potentially combining several disciplines together, opening on new jobs and functions within the health and social care systems or within the industry, such as IT sector, biology, database management, electronics, Internet technologies, security, engineering, etc. (Master and Doctorate)
  • Master classes: short and tailored training programmes for professionals and industry, adapted to their needs, focusing on specific topics in order to develop qualifications and/or certifications.

Several topics will be developed in a short and mid-term roadmap, following the principles governing the FHU ONCOAGE objectives, e.g. programmes involving various disciplines and matters. As examples, we can mentioned:

  • Professional Master « Bio Bank » will be launched in October 2016 with a demand of agreement by HAERES: this International Master will integrate e-learning tools and will be open to European students and to the Industry, with options of specific trainings (e.g. Master classes or Elite Masters); This project is supported by the French Bio bank Infrastructure which has been created through the “Investment of the Future” call;
  • European Research Master on Ageing will be set up between the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and the University of Cologne (Germany);
  • Medicine Faculty: creation of a research school dedicated to the FHU ONCOAGE topics for 1st and 2nd cycle students.