Opening of D.U Thérapies géniques et cellulaires

Diplôme Universitaire : Thérapies géniques et cellulaires pour les maladies rares, et les maladies liées au cancer et au vieillissement.

The development of innovative therapies in cancer, neuromuscular and neurogenetic diseases as well as ageing represents domains with major investments from pharmaceutical companies at the global level within a competitive environment. Hence, patient care, professional practices and regulations move forward rapidly. Given those fast and important changes, this D.U. provides an overview of those therapies to be considered, their application in the 3 main domains including demonstration of common practice, but also a methodological approach to implement innovative therapeutic trials and treatments. The educational team is multidisciplinary and interprofessional on purpose in order to cover the different scopes of interest.

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This training session is accessible to medical professionals (physicians, pharmacists), paramedical hospital staff, trainee physicians or pharmacists, hospital staff such as research or biomedical engineer with practice in a PUI (Pharmacie à usage intérieur) or in a Gene and Cell Therapy Unit (UTCG).

D.U Leader : Prof. Sabrina Sacconi

Co-organizers : Dr. Rémy Collomp, Prof. Thomas Cluzeau

Inscriptions : 16 August, 2021 – 8 October 2021

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