17 Oct 2017 – Mini workshop WP Head and Neck Diseases :

Mini Workshop Program

Mini Workshop

WP2: Head and Neck Diseases

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

8h30 Welcome 8h45-9h Paul Hofman, Joël Guigay & Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling: Introduction/objectives
and WP research landscape.
Session I. Thyroid diseases and Epigenetics
Chairpersons: José Santini and Jean-Louis Sadoul
9h00-9h30 Sylvie Chevillard, Fontenay-aux-Roses: Molecular signature of thyroid cancers induced by ionizing radiation. 9h30-10h00 Colette Zwarthoed, Nice: Regulation of thyroid function to be integrated during iodine 131 radiotherapy 10h-10h30 Zdenko Herceg, Lyon: Epigenetic Mechanisms in ENT cancers 10h30 – 11h Coffee break
Session II. Clinical studies dedicated to elderly patients
Chairpersons: Olivier Guerin and Rabia Boulahssass 11h-11h30 Joël Guigay, Nice: Ongoing ELAN trials and perspectives 11h30-12h Cécile Mertens, Bordeaux: First results of ELAN ONCOVAL trials and future projects 11h30-12h Rabia Boulahssass, Nice: PACA EST cohort studies 12h30 – 13h45 Lunch
Session III. Immunotherapy in head and neck cancer: mechanistic
and clinical perspectives
Chairpersons: Frédéric Peyrade and Véronique Braud
14h-14h30 Esma Saada, Nice: Open and Upcoming Clinical Trials in head and neck cancer 14h30-15h Pierre Saintigny, Lyon: Genomic and microenvironment driven personalized
medicine in patients with recurrent/metastatic HNSCC 15h-15h30 Fabienne Anjuère, Valbonne: Immune regulation in the tumor
microenvironment: Lessons from an immune competent murine model of squamous cell carcinoma
15h30 – 16h Coffee break
Session IV. Perspective studies in Head and Neck Cancer
Chairpersons: Jérôme Doyen & Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling 15h45h-16h15 Karen Benezery, Nice: Role of Proton Therapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma 16h15h-16h45 Alexandre Bozec, Nice: Functional outcomes and quality of life after head and neck cancer surgery 16h45h-17h00 Charles Raffaelli, Nice: « Pôle Imagerie, Département d’Ultrasons »