Dissemination and Communication


This work package has 2 mains objectives:

  • Communicate and disseminate key information and results of the project, associated activities and outcomes to an international audience. A formalised dissemination strategy will identify the project’s key stakeholders and the tools and channels to be used to communicate with them. A mix of digital tools (website, newsletters, social media), printed materials and meetings & events will be set up to ensure and maximise the impact of the project on a wider audience.
  • Design the exploitation of results plan and the implementation pathway: this will cover the rules of exploitation between the partners of the project (consortium agreement), convert result of researches in educational programmes and the “route-to-implementation”, engaging a dialog with potential users and purchasers.

Leader name(s)

T. Skhiri
A. Bel

General description

FHU ONCOAGE gathers a group of various stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, companies, policy-makers…). The dissemination, communication and exploitation of results tasks are crucial for the whole project activities and the consortium is fully committed to develop a comprehensive strategy ensuring the good and full use of research results and innovative solutions developed within the FHU. To achieve the generation of new ideas, discoveries and innovations, their implementation and their integration in the day-to-day life of citizens, professionals, policy-makers and all stakeholders we need to:

  • Set up the needed internal tools to ensure the perfect communication, coordination and mutual knowledge of the consortium’s members;
  • Design the implementation and scale-up strategies for the discoveries developed within the project;
  • Promote the results across Europe and beyond, thanks to a multi-channel communication strategy, reaching a large multi-stakeholder audience;
  • Promote the solutions directly to decision-makers and users;
  • Convert and apply research results within Education and Training programmes (see WP-E. Education)
Task Title
Dissemination Strategy
Task Description

A detailed dissemination strategy will be developed in the early stage of the project. This will include:

  • A stakeholder mapping exercise to identify the project’s key stakeholders
  • Identification of the main messages the project would like to communicate.
  • A communications plan detailing the tools and channels to be used to communicate with each stakeholder.
  • A timetable for communication and dissemination activities.
Task Improvement
  • Dissemination activities will start from the beginning of the project and until the 5 years period.
  • It will build the profile of the FHU ONCOAGE at regional, national, European and international levels.
  • Tools and communications will be delivered all along the life of the project during the 5 years.
Task Title
Communication tools
Task Description

Creation of a Visual Identity for the project The creation of a visual identity in the early stage of the project will help to secure a strong and unique brand.

Creation & maintenance of a Website and set-up of other Social Media The project website will be the main communication tool for dissemination of project information. It will also be a key enabler for communications between project partners, stakeholders and the wider public to share project outcomes.

Creation of digital & printed project materials & publications These may include a mix of: newsletters (e.g. quarterly updates for dissemination to key stakeholders), Leaflets, Press releases, Banners/ posters…

Task Improvement
Task Title
Dissemination Events & Meetings
Task Description

The Dissemination Strategy will plan for a number of events throughout the lifecycle of the project. These events will inform key stakeholders (researchers, health and social care professionals, policy-makers, purchasers and companies) and potential project participants about the project and generate early interest, and to disseminate outcomes of the project and promote the adoption of the project/ services on an on-going basis once the project term has ended.

Dissemination events will be organised (as much as possible) to coincide with international events to increase visibility and exposure for the project.

The consortium’s partners will consider the use of local and national television and newspaper coverage of the events to ensure maximum communication of the project messages. Project partners will also support dissemination activities by actively seeking speaking slots at other events, in order to reach a wider audience.

Task Improvement
Task Title
Exploitation of results (except Education) and industrial collaboration
Task Description

This task will support all research and clinical teams, and the platforms, in order to define the implementation pathways for the results of the projects.

This is a transversal task supporting the FHU ONCOAGE partners in their dialog with the Ecosystem and on the exploitation of outcomes by the integration of innovative interventions, solutions and discoveries elaborated by all the teams.

Task Improvement