To promote translational researches in melanoma field and to provide better and innovative treatments for melanoma patients To improve quality of life of patient with skin carcinomas and to propose innovative treatments

Leader name(s)

Pr. T. Passeron
Dr. S. Tartare
Dr. H. Montaudié

General description

The department of Dermatology of CHU Nice is very active in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. It uses innovative technologies to detect and to survey the patients. The department participates to institutional and industry clinical trials to afford the latest treatments for the patients. The department of Dermatology works in close collaboration with 3 INSERM laboratories developing high scientific fundamental and translational researches.

Task Title
MELANOMA: Clinical, translational and basic research
Task Description

Understanding molecular mechanisms responsible for melanoma development, metastatic melanoma process and drug resistance. Thanks to a close collaboration between the 3 INSERM units dedicated to melanoma, the hospital integrated biobank and the department of dermatology, we are able to carry out many translational research work. Our particular emphasis is on the identification of new anti-melanoma compounds, especially those of the biguanide family and NIK inhibitors (to target the non-canonical NFkB pathway). Our work lead to several international publications in top ranked scientific journal such as Cancer Cell, Nature Communications, Journal of Clinical Investigations or Oncogene. Hence, our group has now 8 international patents, related to these projects. The “non-canonical NF-kB pathway” project, led to the creation of the startup YUKIN therapeutics in May 2018, with the objective to test the lead compound in human clinical trials . Developing new biomarkers from liquid biopsies for screening, diagnosis, prognosis and theragnosis of melanoma (circulating tumour cells/CTCs) in collaboration with industrial partners (such as Roche Institute). Developing clinic research, both academic and industrial (BMS, Novartis, Pierre Fabre, MSD, INCYTE Biosciences …), allowing patients to benefit from therapeutic innovations.

Task Improvement

Finding new anti-melanoma compounds Strengthen our involvement in clinical research Ability to conduct, in our own oncology unit, early phase clinical trials (phase I) Improving melanoma patient’s survival

Task Title
Non melanoma skin cancer : skin carcinoma
Task Description

Management of patients with basal cell carcinomas, cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas and Merkel cell carcinomas. Propose to patients with advanced forms, therapeutic innovations with immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Prevention and screening consultation for these skin cancer, using routine techniques (clinical examination, dermoscopy, histology) and modern technique such as confocal microscopy. Clinical management of high risk patients and patients with advanced diseases, by offering patients to be included in clinical trials

Task Improvement

Strengthen our involvement in clinical research Improving quality of life and skin carcinoma patient’s survival