Valrose Nursing-Home Experimental Platform

Activity area(s)

  • Care: The Valrose nursing-home is a care center hosting elderly subjects with loss of autonomy for activities of daily living and/or dementia syndrome
  • Research: the Valrose nursing-home is hosting research studies developed by CHUN, UNS and INRIA focusing on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the management of cognitive decline, behavioral disturbances and loss of autonomy among elderly institutionalized patients with or without dementia syndrome.


The Valrose nursing home is a 3-floor building located between the Claude Pompidou Institute and Cimiez Geriatric University Hospital. The first floor has been equipped (6 rooms) with environmental sensors (located in patients’ rooms and common areas) such as 3D-video cameras embedding automatic event-recognition software dedicated to monitor patients’ movements and behaviors 24/7. All rooms located on the first floor have been additionally internet-wired allowing remote access to the monitoring data for researchers (located at the INRIA, UNS and CHUN).

The main objective of this platform is to improve knowledge on cognitive and behavioral disturbances associated to the loss of autonomy in aging using sensitive and objective assessment tools such as ICT in order to provide tailored non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions to institutionalized patients.

All research activities developed at the Valrose platform are supervised by the CoBTek university team.


Dr François BREMOND, Dr Renaud DAVID

Type of structure

Nursing-Home ruled by the CCAS of Nice and sharing agreements with the CHUN, UNS, and INRIA to conduct research on aging using Information and Communication technologies (ICT)

Recognition by



EHPAD Valrose 44 avenue de Brancolar 06100 Nice

Contact name

Renaud DAVID

Contact mail

Skills of the team members

  • Care & prevention: psychologist, speech therapist, nurse, psychiatrist, neurologist, geriatrician, GP)
  • Research: PhD student, post doc, engineer, research assistant, research director
  • Teaching: University Professor
  • Human and social sciences: social worker, psychologist, psychiatry university chair

Contribution to the FHU

  • Clinical targets:  patients suffering from neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental diseases, frailty and other loss of autonomy.
  • Research: 1/ Design, testing and validation of ICT solution in the targets population. 2/ - Basic / translational research: cf CoBteK team description