Innovation Institut Claude Pompidou – iICP

Activity area(s)

  • Care & prevention: diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer Disease and related disorders. Development of interactions among prevention, care and research structures (CMRR, IA)
  • Research: Design, testing and validation of ICT solution (CoBTeK)
  • Teaching: for all stakeholders: patients and careers, students, health and technology professionals (CMRR, CoBTeK, IA)
  • Human sciences & Ethics: dissemination and consensus initiative (University psychiatric chair, CMRR, IA)


The main objective of the Institute Claude Pompidou (ICP) is the promotion of interactions among care, education, research and cultural activities in the heart of the city of Nice. This is possible because the ICP hosts in the same building a nursing home (Mutualité Française), a day care center (family association Alzheimer 06), the Resources and Memory Research Centre (CHU), the research unit CoBTeK (UNS) and the Innovation Alzheimer Association.

The Institute, located in the heart of the city of Nice, offers in a single location all the possible information and support for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

The Innovation ICP platform (iICP) targets are to:

  • Develop an optimal interrelationship between prevention, care, research and teaching;
  • Bridge the gap between new technologies and human sciences by placing the patient and his caregivers at the center of interest;

Offer to the final users a direct access to human science and new technologies expertise.


Pr. Philippe Robert

Type of structure

Research and clinical platform merging a hospital unit (CMRR PACA Est), an UNS research unit (CoBteK) and a Law 1901 association (Innovation Alzheimer - IA). The platform is affiliated to the CIU platforms

Recognition by



Institut Claude Pompidou 10 rue Molière 06100 Nice

Contact name

Philippe Robert

Contact mail

Skills of the team members

  • Care & prevention: psychologist, speech therapist, nurse, psychiatrist, neurologist, geriatrician, GP)
  • Research: PhD student, post doc, engineer, research assistant
  • Teaching: University Professor
  • Human and social sciences: social worker, psychologist, psychiatry university chair

Contribution to the FHU

  • Clinical targets:  patients suffering from neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental diseases, frailty and other disorders leading to a loss of autonomy.
  • Research: 1/ Design, testing and validation of ICT solution in the target populations. 2/ analysis of the French Alzheimer national data bank (BNA) 3/ - Basic / translational research: cf CoBTeK team description
  • Teaching: develop the links among human and social sciences, ethic, psychology and research