French NCI (INCa) Molecular Biology Platform of the FHU ONCOAGE

Activity area(s)

The two laboratories (molecular pathology unit of LPCE Pasteur Hospital and molecular biology unit of the pharmacogenomics laboratory at the CLCC CAL) are integrated in the Molecular Genetic PACA East Platform labelled by the French NCI since 2006. Moreover these two laboratories are accredited according the ISO 15189 norm. The molecular pathology units joined their efforts to work mainly in lung diseases pathology and in head and neck pathology (including thyroid cancer).


The platform is equipped with an ABI 3500, a Sequenom Mass Arrays, an Agilent Scanner, a PGM ion Torrent, different pyrosequencers a Rotorgen, etc. Molecular biology approaches are made from plasma, cytological and tissue samples. Different projects concern the assessment of DNA and microRNA signatures from lung cancers. Moreover the development of NGS with different panel of genes of interest was set up since two years and the main objective in now to be accredited according to the ISO15189 norm by the first months of 2016.


Gérard Milano & Paul Hofman

Type of structure

Nice Hospital and Comprehensive Cancer Center Centre Antoine Lacassagne

Recognition by

French NCI (INCa)


Pasteur Hospital Pavillon J 30 avenue de la voie romaine Nice and CLCC CAL avenue de valombrose Nice

Contact name

Paul Hofman Gérard Milano

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Skills of the team members

  • Long Elodie
  • Ilie Marius
  • Hofman Véronique
  • Lassalle Sandra
  • Lespinet Virginie
  • Bordone Olivier
  • Ribeyre CamilleEbran Nathalie
  • Hofman Paul
  • Milano Gérard Molecular Pathologist, MD, PhD
  • Molecular Pathologist, MD, PhD, HDR
  • Molecular Pathologist, MD, PhD
  • Molecular Pathologist, MD, PhD
  • Ingenior Molecular Pathology, PhD
  • Ingenior Molecular Pathology, MSc
  • Ingenior Bioinformatic, MSc
  • Ingenior Molecular Pathology, PhD
  • Molecular pathologist, MD, PhD
  • Pharmacologist, PhD

Five top/relevant papers in the last five years related to the platform activity

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Contribution to the FHU