Histologie Expérimentale

Activity area(s)

  • Providing access to the IRCAN Histology core facility’s equipment to users
  • Training users for independent use of all the facility’s equipment
  • Offering histological services


Access to the Histology core facility equipment and services is opened to all research and clinic personnel within the Nice scientific/hospital community. Currently, 12 teams from several research institutes of Nice (IRCAN, iBV, CEA/UNS: unité TIRO) and from Nice hospital (CHU Pasteur) are using the core facility. The Histology core facility includes all the equipment that are necessary to perform tissue embedding, cryo-sectioning, paraffin block sectioning, and fresh tissue sectioning. The core facility is equipped with:

  • An automated tissue processor
  • A paraffin embedding machine
  • A microtome
  • A cryostat
  • A vibratome
  • A chemical hood dedicated for tissue section staining
  • A light microscope allowing analysis of stained tissue sections

Dr Marina Shkreli is in charge of the scientific management of the core facility, Nadine Fedou is handling the administrative management of the core facility, and the technician Catherine Pons dedicates 50% of her working time to run the facility. Users have free access to the core facility from Monday morning to Wednesday noon. The core facility technician Catherine Pons is using the equipment to perform histological services for users from Wednesday noon to Friday. The services proposed by the core facility include:

  • Samples processing
  • Sample embedding
  • Microtome sectioning
  • Cryostat sectioning
  • Vibratome sectioning
  • Tissue section staining

Paraffin embedded human samples can be processed within the core facility without any restrictions. Fresh and frozen human samples can be processed within the core facility only after providing a serological checkup to the core facility staff for each patient corresponding to the sample to be processed.


Marina Shkreli

Type of structure

Core facility steered by the Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging of Nice (IRCAN)

Recognition by



IRCAN Faculté de Médecine de Nice Tour Pasteur 9ème étage - Pièce 6 28 avenue de Valombrose 06107 Nice cedex 02

Contact name

Marina Shkreli

Contact mail


Skills of the team members

  • Scientific and technologic watch
  • Training users
  • Administrative management
  • Master all the technics related to tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining