Cell & Gene Therapy Unit (UTCG)

Activity area(s)

  • Hematopoietic stem cells transfer (allogenic & autologous)
  • Cellular immunotherapy based on virus-specific T cell transfer to treat viral diseases & cancer-associated cancers
  • Immunology of T-cells (stimulation, amplification, characterization)


UTCG is a highly specialized technological facility located within the Pasteur Hospital in NICE, and it is equipped to produce clinical cellular products in accordance with regulations.

UTCG owns ultra-clean rooms (HEPA filtration systems), one L3 facility for viral infection, equipped with certified and qualified apparatus. Main environmental parameters (temperature, pressure) of culture rooms and storage chambers are continuously recorded and certified through an automatic computerized tracking system.

The UTCG is now undertaking a certification process under the standard NF EN ISO 9001‐2008. At the same time, its activities comply with the French regulatory requirements of good practice for the preparation, storage, transport, distribution and transfer of tissues, including their derivatives, and of cell therapy preparations from human origin, used for therapeutic purposes (regulation to be published).

UTCG owns and uses specialized equipment for cell processing in cell therapy context (Ultra-clean rooms, L3, automated tracking systems, Nicool Freezal, CliniMACS cell isolator, COBE2991 cell processor…) and a well equipped control quality platform (Cell culture and molecular biology dedicated areas, BD CANTO II  flow cytometer, Bioreader 5000 Pro-E,…). Recent acquisition allowed the unit to be equipped with a cell conditioner (SEPAX 2) allowing for automated PBMCs isolation from blood in closed system. Moreover, we are equipped with a CliniMACS device. In this context, this Unit is currently preparing clinical‐grade, virus‐specific T cells to be be injected in patients with refractory diseases.


Dr. Alain DOGLIO

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CHU de Nice

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Doglio Alain

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Skills of the team members

  • Clinical transfer of cellular products
  • Meets GMP standards for cell handling in the cell therapy fields
  • Semi-automated production of virus-specific T cells for cancer immunotherapies
  • Partnership with the TxCell company (Sophia-Antipolis), a world leader in the field of cellular immunotherapy

Five top/relevant papers in the last five years related to the platform activity

Five top/relevant papers in the last five years related to the platform activity
Olivero S, Spirito F, Mouline C, Fantin L, Maryanski JL, Khaali W, Thariat J, Albano L, Doglio A. Traitement par lymphothérapie adoptive des infections virales chez les patients transplantés : de réelles raisons d’espérer, 2012, Revue francophone des laboratoires, 42 (447):83-92

Vincent-Bugnas S, Vitale S, Mouline CC, Khaali W, Charbit Y, Mahler P, Prêcheur I, Hofman P, Maryanski JL, Doglio A. EBV Infection Is Common in Gingival Epithelial Cells of the Periodontium and Worsens during Chronic Periodontitis. PLoS One. 2013 Dec 19;8(12):e80336. doi: 10.1371

P. H. Braz-Silva S. Vitale, C. Butori, J. Santini M. H. Magalhaes, P. Hofman and A. Doglio: Specific infiltration of langerin-positive dendritic cells in EBV-infected tonsil, Hodgkin lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma, 2011, International Journal of Cancer, 128(10):2501-8

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